Thursday, October 31, 2013

New work, new environment, new faces

After resting for such a long time, I finally got a job. It's low payed, but it's better then nothing. Better time schedule and a very new environment. The people are ok for now I think, 'crazy' I would describe them. It is a company only with women! They scream and shout as if they are in the market.
It's amusing!

I am now working in a traveling agency. It's my probation time, and I really hope I can do this job well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Warcraft

 Since September, I've been searching and looking for an online game for my MacBook Pro. It was difficult, there isn't much options to choose for MacBook users. It was much easier when I had a PC. I used to play Ragnarok, a 2D online game and there were a lot of players playing it, and I read that now they have Ragnarok II in 3D. I actually wanted to play the newest Final Fantasy game, but unfortunately they don't work on MacBook's. So after some research, I decided to go for the
"World of Warcraft".

Well, I think I'm in love! Love the graphics and the design, still not use in controlling the character with the keyboard, and problem in chatting. Thats the only downside of the game I think. Lots of quests, lots of fights, and lots of small stories. I am still trying to make friends in WOW, and right now I am  stuck in one of the quest. Still a lot to learn, like how to get pets, how to change pets, how to travel flying, and a lot more.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life... Getting better...or...getting worse

Ola Blogger!

Well, it seems my new year resolution isn't really moving forward at all. Still now using my blogger and still don't know what I want in life. Very depressing!

...!But!... I finally quit my job as a groomer and I think my colleague didn't expect it. Well she wouldn't know, since she was the one forcing me to retreat my post as a groomer. She said, "You are selfish to want a lunch hour!" and "You are selfish to want your salary on time!". She really doesn't want to understand me at all. I have been fighting to get everyone there salary on time, and I have been fighting to get everyone a reasonable lunch hour as a break (since we don't really have breaks) to rest hour body from stress. I am so disappointed in her! She shout at us like we are nothing and doe not respect us. Once she even told me, "I don't see you as my partner cause your skills are not good enough to pair up with me!", this is what I've been trying to tell her for a long time, she is too full of herself. This is what my opinion is, "YOU ARE THE SELFISH ONE!".

Any way I am throw with this nonsense. I am resting and at the same time trying to find a new job.
I even found myself playing a online game (World of Warcraft). It is really interesting, and I love these RPG games. Well..., I think I might as well talk about this game from now on, he~he~!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New year resolution


It's once again days for celebrations.
Wishing everyone the best in 2013.
This year my resolutions are:

- to find a new job or to open my own business (the one I have right now sucks, salary comes late, and I'm being treated like I'm nothing)
- to once again work hard and earn more
- to find Mr. Right
- to travel more
- to write more about my thoughts

And last but not least

- to upgrade myself in every way!

Not much, but I need to fulfill them all.
What about you?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Suffocating feelings

Starting my day with an uncomfortable feeling.
I've been having troubles with a certain colleague at work, and some how I am to confused to see through every event that has been or is happening. My personality is turning upside down ...
I need to free myself from this nightmare. Never felt so depress from work, never felt like running away from someone, never felt like shutting down myself. Is this really normal, can't I live my life and work with out others to corner me!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiring Party .......

Have been working like hell this past weak. Last Saturday we had lots of customers which means lost of dogs to was and cut. We also had to stay up late working in a club cause our boss was having her birthday party. We all thought we would have a seat when we were tired but reality was harsh.

The party started at 11 pm and we stood till 4 am. For me this was hellish, it's been so long ago that I stayed up and I never liked being in a club. The only thing that kept from leaving was; Nelly's concert! My boss actually paid him to come to her birthday party and do some performance.

I loved it, but the music was too loud, my colleagues and I were already tired and my feet was in so much pain that once Nelly's show was over we left the club. When I reached home I just wash my face and slept on the couch. It was too late to enter the bedroom where my sister was sleeping.

Since that day we have been busy with work and it is really hard to recover from the stress and tension in my body.

I really am tired and want a vacation!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good bye, my dear little friend

On the 27th October 2011 at approximate 4:00 am, my baby ferret "Mickey" left this world at the age of 9.
For ferrets, he lived a long life, even though he was sick with Cushing syndrome and was in a long term treatment, that may have helped to prolong his life, but he was just too old and his body couldn't keep up anymore.

I remember the day when I found out about him and his siblings. I didn't know Sarah (their mother) was pregnant and when I started cleaning the cage, I found six pink and naked little ferrets. I was even bitten on my leg (Sarah suddenly appears and defended her babies). I was in shock!

Micke was always the cutest among the his siblings . When he was younger, he would suddenly ambush my leg and he even successfully caused a mark on my nose. I really miss him....