Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life... Getting better...or...getting worse

Ola Blogger!

Well, it seems my new year resolution isn't really moving forward at all. Still now using my blogger and still don't know what I want in life. Very depressing!

...!But!... I finally quit my job as a groomer and I think my colleague didn't expect it. Well she wouldn't know, since she was the one forcing me to retreat my post as a groomer. She said, "You are selfish to want a lunch hour!" and "You are selfish to want your salary on time!". She really doesn't want to understand me at all. I have been fighting to get everyone there salary on time, and I have been fighting to get everyone a reasonable lunch hour as a break (since we don't really have breaks) to rest hour body from stress. I am so disappointed in her! She shout at us like we are nothing and doe not respect us. Once she even told me, "I don't see you as my partner cause your skills are not good enough to pair up with me!", this is what I've been trying to tell her for a long time, she is too full of herself. This is what my opinion is, "YOU ARE THE SELFISH ONE!".

Any way I am throw with this nonsense. I am resting and at the same time trying to find a new job.
I even found myself playing a online game (World of Warcraft). It is really interesting, and I love these RPG games. Well..., I think I might as well talk about this game from now on, he~he~!

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