Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Warcraft

 Since September, I've been searching and looking for an online game for my MacBook Pro. It was difficult, there isn't much options to choose for MacBook users. It was much easier when I had a PC. I used to play Ragnarok, a 2D online game and there were a lot of players playing it, and I read that now they have Ragnarok II in 3D. I actually wanted to play the newest Final Fantasy game, but unfortunately they don't work on MacBook's. So after some research, I decided to go for the
"World of Warcraft".

Well, I think I'm in love! Love the graphics and the design, still not use in controlling the character with the keyboard, and problem in chatting. Thats the only downside of the game I think. Lots of quests, lots of fights, and lots of small stories. I am still trying to make friends in WOW, and right now I am  stuck in one of the quest. Still a lot to learn, like how to get pets, how to change pets, how to travel flying, and a lot more.

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