Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiring Party .......

Have been working like hell this past weak. Last Saturday we had lots of customers which means lost of dogs to was and cut. We also had to stay up late working in a club cause our boss was having her birthday party. We all thought we would have a seat when we were tired but reality was harsh.

The party started at 11 pm and we stood till 4 am. For me this was hellish, it's been so long ago that I stayed up and I never liked being in a club. The only thing that kept from leaving was; Nelly's concert! My boss actually paid him to come to her birthday party and do some performance.

I loved it, but the music was too loud, my colleagues and I were already tired and my feet was in so much pain that once Nelly's show was over we left the club. When I reached home I just wash my face and slept on the couch. It was too late to enter the bedroom where my sister was sleeping.

Since that day we have been busy with work and it is really hard to recover from the stress and tension in my body.

I really am tired and want a vacation!

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